Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When coupons attack!

 As I mentioned before, I clipped EVERY coupon from three diffrent papers, and kept one insert whole.  I organized them into my coupon box.  The problem is my coupon box is full.  I was having trouble slipping coupons into the envelopes!  So this morning, I started to prep my "new" coupon binder.  It is a zippered binder I bought to organize my genealogy research.  Saving money is a much better use for it!!  It has two zippered sections, one is the three ring binder part that I put the "baseball card" sheets in.  The other section has small pockets for files.  I labeled them for grocery, drug, mass market, home improvement and dollar stores.  I then took manilla file folders (not hanging ones) from Dollar Tree and labeled them for the diffrent stores I go to.  The next step will be labeling the pockets, and putting in the coupons!  It will be a mjor task, but I can't wait.  It will make saving the maxium money so much easier... Thanks for reading.

"Cheap is good, free is better."

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