Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Houston we have, coupons?

Has this ever happened to you?  You go to the store find a product you like on sale and think, I have a coupon for that, but it's expired?  Or you just spent half your Sunday clipping all the coupons you want out, but now they are sitting in a large pile on the kitchen table?  OH NO!  Ok, I did mean to sound like an informercial, but for good reason.  With couponing comes a need for great organization.  If you can't find that $1.00 off cereal coupon when it's on sale, it's not doing you any good!  Or if you find it and it expired weeks ago, not good.  These would be what my oldest daughter would decribe as an epic fail.  But failure is not an option, with careful planning.  If you weed through your coupons each week, before you put away the new ones, you shouldn't have issues with expired coupons.  If you coupon box has those clipped little money makers just thrown into it, it might be time to let someone with a touch of OCD organize them for you.  I admit, I lose things.  I'll put something down, and it will disappear (I think aliens might be taking my stuff).  But with coupons, it pays to be a little anal.  A little prep can go a long way in saving money!  Thanks for reading.

"Cheap is good, free is better."

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