Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kroger Card

Hello all!  If you have a Kroger card and email, sign up on their website (Kroger.com).  You can load coupons right to you Kroger card, and they will send coupons via email.  They sent me e-coupons for a few free items that I just loaded right to my card.  I didn't have to worry about losing them ;)   I'm looking through the Food King ad that came today, will post anything good from there and Kroger and HEB tomorrow, along with any coupon matches I can find.


1 comment:

  1. This is a fantastic way to use coupons without having to clip, but just keep in mind that if you come across a coupon that will save you more, you will be stuck using what is on your card first. So while I love adding coupons this way, I wait to add them until I'm ready to go shop. Then I add to my card those coupons that will give me a better deal than the ones I already have clipped, or coupons for items that I don't have at all.