Monday, May 30, 2011

If you kids put one more thing in this cart...

If you have kids, you've said.  "Don't put anything else in this cart without my permission!"  But, being kids, they try to slip one more candy bar, a soda, or some toy they don't need and you don't want in the cart.  At most stores that can really add up.  It can add up even at Dollar Tree.  I've been trying to figure out the best way to maximize my shopping now that school is nearly out.  (Every parent will be dealing with this problem in the next few weeks.)  My first thought is to leave the kids at home with my hubby.  But as soon as you say you're going to store XYZ, they chime in "We want to go!".  And I can't leave them home EVERY time.  When school gets out on Thursday, I will start educating my 2 kids, 13 and 6 about how coupons are like money.  And maybe a little dumpster diving.  Even my youngest can help sort and clip coupons.  My goal is by the time they go back to school is for them to understand how to coupon (properly), how to save the most, and where to find coupons!  It's gonna be a long summer!!!!  Thanks for reading.

"Cheap is good, free is better."

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