Friday, May 13, 2011


Ok, you got your Sunday paper, clipped you coupons and are ready to go shopping, right?  Not so fast...Most people who clip coupons fall in one of 3 types.  They are mild, moderate, and extreme.  Mild couponers just get one paper, clip only what they use regularly.  They can organize their coupons in one of those little coupon organizers you can pick up at the dollar store.  There is mothing wrong with that.  Type 2 is moderate.  That's where I fall.  We pick up a couple of papers (no more than 4), and clip anything we might want to use or try.  Our coupons are organized in binders or plastic shoe boxes full of business size envelopes.  Extremes use binders, large ones, stuffed full.  They will buy anything.  They buy diapers without having kids.  Again there's nothing wrong with that.

You now know your couponing type and have your coupons organized, you're ready to shop.  Hang on, have you checked local sale ads?  Checked websites?  How do you know the store down the street won't have it on sale.  You don't, if you don't do a little reseach before you jump in the car.  Try to match sales to your coupons, if you can.  Check online coupon sites to see if you can print coupons for things you need and are on sale.  When you do finally get to the store, make sure you bring ALL your coupons!  I know, thing could be a large undertaking.  But you might find something on sale that wasn't in the ad, and you don't want a good coupon for the item sitting at home (especially if it's a one day only sale!).  Enjoy your couponing!

"Cheap is good, free is better"

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