Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm drowning in coupons, throw me a life preserver!

The strangest thing happened to me this past weekend.  I didn't buy any Sunday papers.  Trust me when I say that I am not lacking in coupons.  I still have 3 weeks worth of coupons to clip and sort.  I'm have been so busy.  But never fear, I plan to getting through the stack soon.  Hopefully by Friday...or Saturday...maybe Sunday.  It's too bad my husband can't clip them for me for Valentine's day.  I made the mistake once of asking my oldest daughter to help me clip.  It turned into coupon carnage.  But she tried...she just didn't listen.  Well, I have to run.  Sick kid and doctor's appointments.  Until next time.

Cheap is good, free is better!

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