Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Coupon savings, to the maxxx!

Here's a fun coupon history fact.  The first coupon came out in 1887.  I was a handwritten note for a free glass of Coca-Cola.  Boy have times changes.  But one thing hasn't, the want to save money.  As the economy becomes more unstable more people are looking to coupons to save money.  And most of them want to maximize their saving.  One of the top ways to do that, is to match your coupons to sales at your local stores.  Each week I like to go through my new store ads and flip through my coupons and match them.  Another good tip is to use your coupons at local dollar stores.  I'm not talking about the dollar stores where everything is one dollar, but stores like Family Dollar and Dollar General.  Both happily take manufacturers coupons and have great prices on many everyday items.  If you haven't looked into using coupons at a local dollar store, you should.  It can be well worth the effort!

Cheap is good, free is better.

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