Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'll never figure out Black Friday..or Purple Thursday!

OK, I admit that I LOVE to save money.  Most people do.  But I learned over a decade ago not to go shopping on Black Friday.  I tried going to Target once many years ago.  There was no place to park, it was super crowded, and I didn't even buy anything.  I vowed then and there, never again would I go shopping on Black Friday.  In the years since, it has gotten crazier.  People camped outside stores for days, mobs rushing in as the doors open and people getting trampled and hit.  And of course the stores are opening earlier and earlier.  I can understand 6am, maybe 4am, maybe.  But 10pm on Thanksgiving?  If you plan on venturing out, stay safe.  And by all means, be nice to your fellow shoppers.  I will continue my yearly Black Friday thing.  I will stay home, make a pot of coffee, and read, watch tv, and stay safe.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Cheap is good, free is better.

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